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Artefaktum is a puzzle game with cubes and colored tiles. You have to find the right movements/path in order to reach the goal. This project is under development, but you have in this first release all the mechanics which Artefaktum uses. Controls and gameplay are easy to use, but hard to master.

For those who develop games under Unity, this game does not use any light, texture, rigidbody, raycast or collider - all physics are generated by code and all levels are created procedurally.  The main aesthetic uses an unique material shader which has been inspired by Monument Valley and Manifold Garden games. Playing in inspector, you have more or less 20 drawcalls - no more...

Now I need a feedback. Could you send me a private message if you are interested - or some words here? Thank you for your help. I wish you the best ++


05/21/20 - There is a new version  for Artefaktum with a few bugs fix and another script so as to rotate camera. Minor changes ++

05/31/20 - New player prefab and sounds. Minor changes ++

Updated 3 days ago
Published 21 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsMinimalist, Puzzle-Platformer, Unity


Artefaktum.zip 35 MB


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I would like to know what you thing about the new player prefab - a rounded cube. Thank you for your support and feedback ++

Also, is that intentional? They can climb down from each other even if their sides don’t match.

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Thank you for your feedback. Yes - you can climb/drop an artefact if you have the same color on their top independently colors on other cube faces. On your first picture, you have red tile on red tile - all is good. Thank you ++

Geckoo, we should really make a collab :D I love puzzles but suck on inventing them, yet I can help on visual and sound design.

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Hello. We should do, but... I have no time so as to develop something with someone else. I would like to create games or projects further, but I have a full time job, a family, some responsibilities which play an important role in my life. Sometimes I can work hard on a game and deliberately I forget all for a month or two - until I have a new illumination :) Really, noone can tolerate such collaboration. Furthermore, I have no suitability so as to collaborate with others. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate your help. If I can do something for you, let me know ++  :)

Извини меня. Я только, что помню мы познакомились несколько лет назад. Ты объяснил мне, что где ты живёшь часто возникают землетрясения. Помнишь? Быть может, я ошибаюсь, но мне кажется, что ты находишься недалеко от Сахалина Остров. Прав ли я ?

Всё верно :) Я живу на Камчатке: тут и Сахалин недалеко, и вот буквально вчера было слабое землетрясение 😱😅

Most people have work, family, responsibilities; I understand it and live in a similar spot, but if you have time to develop in solo, then you have time to do it in a group :b

I was thinking about small collabs: something that can be done in weeks, or even days.

Artefaktum is a nice relaxing puzzle game with cubes to roll!


Hey. Great video which shows us first levels. It was for me really interesting to see how you solved these levels. The next ones will be harder. Thank you for your support. I wish you the best ++


I always love your creations. This one is simple and nice, yet challenging. 100% would play again.

Merci Jean-Marc. J'apprécierais un feedback, surtout d'un étudiant Epitech. Quelques mots suffiraient - pas besoin de verser dans l'emphase. Merci ++

J'avoue, j'ai quitté Epitech - je ne m'y plaisais pas.

Mais un feedback... C'est juste excellent, j'ai rien à dire. La difficulté est très bien calculée, la musique et les sons sont agréables...

Allez, si on veut vraiment pinailler... Lorsqu'on tourne la caméra à plus de 45° de côté, les contrôles deviennent perturbants. Mais comme il suffit de 60° de battement total pour voir la totalité du plateau, ce n'est pas un problème.


Merci pour ton feedback - je vais réduire les possibilités de mouvement de la caméra afin de ne pas aller au-delà des 40/50° de chaque côté. J'ai travaillé avec Epitech, il y a très longtemps (en 2010). Il y avait du bon, mais aussi du mauvais. Je me souviens un jour où il m'a fallu corriger des articles pour un magazine en sécurité informatique (hakin9). Des élèves me rendaient leur article et je corrigeais les erreurs techniques, les fautes de grammaire et d'orthographe, etc. Les gars étaient tellement fainéants qu'ils me balançaient (en retard forcément) des paragraphes entiers en anglais pêchés sur le net - de simples textes en mode copié/collé. Pitoyable. Ce n’est pas un bon souvenir. Après techniquement, il y avait de bons trucs, mais dans l'ensemble, c'est une boîte à diplôme assez prétentieuse. Ne regrette rien ++