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Finally, my entry is finished for the LD36 - Azymuth. This is a paced platformer game in which you must activate seven old artefacts (with a red cross) in order to finish an unique level - and as quickly as possible. I did what I could so as to create a solid project using a custom controller character and many shaders so as to display a beautiful dynamic sky. Clearly, this is a challenge. The background music is a clever combinate between wind sound and quiet music. An online scoreboard allows us to compete against other players. I hope that you will enjoy. How to play?

Use WASD to move (or arrows keys)
Keep pressed Left-Shift key to run (you can jump higher)
Press R to restart game (if you fall)
Use Page-Up and Page-Down to increase/decrease mouse sensitivity
Use M key to pause background music
Escape key to close the application or back to the menu...


Azymuth.zip 31 MB
Azymuth_Linux.zip 45 MB

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