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waouw its a long time game on your chanel itch but very good game, i love this graphic  !!!!!!!  sorry for my english lol 

Thank you for your comment. I did this project a few years ago - and I totally abandonned it. However I really appreciate your advice. "Translesbian Black Woman"game  - maybe next time :)

Hahahah you welcome. I'm following your other game "Azymuth", it's really interesting.

Oh, and, by the way, here's some other advice; if you want me to receive the notification, click on reply and write it there, unless I won't get any notification of your reply. I just checked this game again and seen it.

You got some very cool games, keep up the good work! :D

I'm learning programming and want to make games too. 

I'm always surprised by the amount of work other programmers have done, and I realise that I have to start now or else I won't have done anything in my life.

"I wanna change everything because Steam Community doesn't like it". Why do you care? It is your baby, make it as you please.  Unless you wanna make money,  then make something more trendy like a game with a story where the protagonist is a translesbian black woman and the story is all about her life.

40 minutes later: I played until level 14, it's cool, I like using my brain.

Maybe I'll complete the other ten levels other day

BrainRequired on GreenLight. Please, support me ++