A downloadable game for Windows

At this stage, it's not a game - just a prototype with which you can play with physics. Green tiles allow you to change gravity. Also you can use portals, enable some mechanics and drag/move objects (cubes). On this map, you have to collect 3 stars.  If you want to help me developing this project, leave me a short comment about physics - or bugs which you found. Be free to share your feelings. Thank you for your help ++

Update (9/16) I use now a dynamic sky with clouds so as to fill space. I coded another post FX on camera - an amazing Edge Detection which is really impressive, also another vignetting FX. Big clean up on main project ++

Update (9/23) New sky/clouds shader and new portal code.  New lights management system. As noticed Demrottens, the external cubes' wall requires to many CPU resources and generates some lags. I have to create it using a shader code - not a simple generation (erased) ++



Azymuth.zip 35 MB


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This is interesting, although i don't really get the use of the boxes, as I can simply jump from platform to platform and touch green parts to rotate... It's really nice.