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At start, I wanted to create something using one of the shaders which I had developed recently - something which could be really clean with a quiet aesthetic - a project between Antichamber and BoxLife. This last convinced me that it was possible to create a solid project really addictive exploiting only a few simple mechanics. So I did RoomOne - a 3d puzzle in which you must collect 7 stars so as to increase your aptitudes, jumping higher and running faster, etc - trying to find a way in order to reach the next star. I guess that it could be really hard to break this game in less than 20 minutes, and I know that you have no many time to play with an oodles of projects which have been developed during this week-end. In consequence I did a video in which I finish the game in 2 minutes. Please try this project and give me a feedback, even if you have disliked it. Write a brief message and I will visit your own page too in order to test your project. Thank you for playing. I wish you the best ++

WASD to move,

Space bar to jump,

R to restart,

Escape to quit,

F12 to know your FPS,

Up/Down arrows to modify mouse sensitivity


RoomOne.zip 12 MB

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