A downloadable game for Windows

Done! This is my entry for the 44th LudumDare session. I create a super-hexagon clone, changing the chosen theme for something a little bit different - your life is (con)currency. In computer science, concurrency refers to the ability of different parts of a program or algorithm to be executed in partial order, without affecting the final outcome. In my project there is only code - some procedural generation for shapes and stripes - no sprite, no prefab, no physics, no implicite value (excepted a radius PI). I optimized each part of code so as to reach the lowest execution using a simple (but efficient) pooling system and an improved implementation of coroutine. Also I use a leaderboard on-line so as to save best scores. This way all players can rival with others. Of course, like in the original game, the main gameplay is really really hard, but with training you can reach some good score and skill. Try it if you dare ++

Use arrows keys to rotate around the main polygon :

Left arrow to rotate counterclockwise.

Right arrow to rotate clockwise.

PS: I did a video if you want to take a look at the main gameplay and execution ++


STR!PES_Unity2019.zip 23 MB


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coooooool game

Brief but efficient - thank you for your feedback :)


how did you get the leader board to work?

Hello. I use DreamLo leader board system and a custom script which I did :


Looks very confusing lol

I would like to know what seems to you so confusing? DreamLo is really powerful and easy to integrate in projects. If you know better, let me know please ++