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Theorem - a clever game which is easy to learn, but challenging to master...

Theorem is an abstract relaxing isometric 3d puzzle game in which you roll a cube in order to reach a goal, but one of its faces is forbidden. Each colored tile has its own behavior - you can enable/disable mecanics, teleport yourself on another place, climb up blocks, make use of impossible geometry, etc. 50 levels are available. Brain required ++


Theorem : un jeu intelligent - facile à prendre en main, mais difficile à maitriser...

Theorem est un jeu de style puzzle en 3d isométrique dans lequel vous roulez un cube afin d'atteindre un objectif, mais l'une de ses faces est interdite. Chaque tuile de couleur dispose de son propre comportement - vous pouvez déclencher des mécaniques, vous téléporter à un autre endroit, gravir des blocs, utiliser des géométries impossibles, etc. 50 niveaux sont disponibles. Vos méninges seront mises à rude épreuve ++

If you like(d) Theorem, I guess that you could like too my latest puzzle game which is still in development - Artefaktum. A demo is available now ++

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I have the Racial Justice and Equality bundle and this game is listed as part of that but there is no download button, just a Buy Now button. Anyone else have this problem?

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Hello. Theorem has been shared in the Racial Justice and Equality bundle. Go to your account setting, my librairy. There is a columns in the left with "my purchases". You can see games and bundles which you bought. All will be listed (more than 59 pages), but you can find games by names.Have fun ++

Another one. Any chance of an apk in the works?

Hey Ohnana. Thank you for your brief feedback. Unfortunately, I don't planned to do something for Android. Theorem is a full game just for Windows. Sorry. I wish you the best :)

So I rather like this game. The puzzles are mostly good, though they tend to derive too much of their difficulty from simply not knowing which side the "x" is at. The puzzles where that's easy to see are much easier than the ones where it is not. Or if that's something you are expected to be able to keep in your head it really makes it inaccessible to people with not great visualization ability (like me). One thing I really urge you to change in future games however is for the restart having to only be restarting the entire level, not just reversing the last move as most puzzle games let you do. Having to redo everything you just did just to get back to where you are is not difficult (because you know what to do), it's just annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if you could consistently reverse the mistake yourself by retracing the path, but usually if you make a mistake you can't do that, which means a lot of time is spent resetting the current part of the puzzle (and even that you can make a mistake and have to reset even there), which really takes away from the enjoyment of the game. That said, I did like the game & completed it.

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Hello. Thank you for your feedback with which I totally agree. As an answer, I would like to recommend you to test my new project which is more or less similar because of cubes. However, there is another gameplay and all features which you expected in Theorem - a clear visual, a key to go back and more. I cannot work on Theorem so as to add those features because I am developing other projects. I created Theorem a few years ago when I had not skill. Today I have more competence in order to work efficiently. Please take a look at my latest puzzle game - Artefaktum and you will understand what I mean. Thank you for your support which is for me really appreciable. I wish you the best. Bye ++

Glad to hear it. Yeah, I have your next game lined up in my list of demos to try out. 

Great! Let me know what you think about it. Have a nice day ++


Captivating puzzle game where you must roll a cube through levels while avoiding having one of its faces hit the ground. The levels are very neatly designed and there's a fun range of mechanics. 

One major caveat, however - when you land on the forbidden face after the previous block has disappeared, it triggers bright flashing lights for a few moments. There is currently no way to disable this - if there were, I would have given this game 4/5 stars, but unfortunately this is a noteworthy accessibility issue. 3/5 stars - enjoyable.


Well. Thank you for your feedback. I lost a star for a flickering light during a half-second. Respecfully, you are the first one who mentionned that, and I don't understand where is the problem. It's a simple feature in order to show that player has broken a logical rules - it's not a bug if it's what you meant. Thank you ++

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I'm aware that it is a design choice, not a bug. However, it is an accessibility issue for some people. For example, it's painful for me - I'm autistic and hypersensitive to some visual stimuli - and it's also potentially dangerous for people with photosensitive epilepsy, as there were no warnings about flashing lights being present anywhere on the game or its description. I hope this helps to clarify things!

If you choose to add a means of disabling the flashing lights, please let me know and I'd be happy to update my review accordingly.


Ok. I understand your point of view and please excuse me if I caused some trouble to hypersensitive people. It could be better to add some warning in order to avoid any health hurt. I will try to do that - and soon as possible. Thank you for your explaination. Have a nice day ++

Thanks :) you too!


I D/L your game through the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle. I played through all 50 levels, game was a few hours of fun and very relaxing to play, and my 10 year old LOVED it. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

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Hello gghaz. I create games for this reason - I want to share happiness with people. What a delight to know that your son likes Theorem. I really appreciate your kind words. You made my day. I wish you the best - for you and yours ++

Your 10-year-old is smarter than me because I couldn't figure out what to do in level 19, haha.

He is quite the puzzle gamer! He helped me out of a few spots lol. This was one of his favorites of the bundle so far!

Hello. Thank you for your interest with my game. I would like to inform you that someone has posted on Steam many video so as to explain how to solve each level. Maybe it is too easy for you, but you can find some help. Take a look at the community forum by the Theorem main page. I wish you the best. Have a nice day ++

Nice sounds and relaxing music. Will there ever be a "Z"/Undo feature added? That's the only thing this kind of game is missing!

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A Z-key? It could be an interesting feature - you're right. Thank you for your feedback. I wish you the best ++

Cmd+Z (Mac) or Control-Z (Windows) is the standard "Undo" key combo shortcut.

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Theorem has been embedded in the "Racial Justice And Equality" bundle. Respectfully I don't tolerate any violence from protestors or cops, but if my project can help someone or a just cause, let's go boy! Have fun playing Theorem ++

Mon jeu Theorem est maintenant embarqué dans le bundle "Racial Justice And Equality" pour quelques euros, et avec un millier d'autres jeux. Que les choses soient claires - je n'accepte aucune violence de l'une ou l'autre des parties, mais si Theorem peut faire avancer un peu les choses, on y va dans la joie :)

Я горжусь этим - мою видеоигру Theorem можно купить с тысячью других компьютерных игр за несколько долларов (Racial Justice And Equality bundle). Вообще я ненавижу насилиe, но я бы хотел поддерживать тех, кто хочет улучшaть общество. Если вам нравятся головоломки, попробуйте! Буду очень рад читать ваши комментарии. Пока пока ++


Enjoy your quarantine. For a few days Theorem is free on Itch.io - have fun. I wish you the best - and wash your hands ++


Also Theorem is available on Steam ++